The Importance Of Verbal Communication In Real Estate Investing

The other day I was remembering back to a real estate investment story I used to tell about communication…It was late at night when I received a text from a tenant buyer who was very angry and wanted an immediate solution.  Instinctually I knew it was a situation where I needed to call the individual.  As the investor, I did not have the luxury of getting angry or upset if I wanted a resolution, nor would I want to.  It was my job to remind everyone involved that we are on the same team, working towards the same goal. 

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In a situation where someone is very upset the last thing you might want to do is get yelled at, but sometimes you have to take the heat.  Let them know that you see their fear, and you will work with them to eliminate it.   Anger usually shows up when there is fear, especially in the real estate investing business.  Your partners need to know you are on their side, that you are working together to find a resolution, and that you actually care about them. 

When they realize you are on their side looking for a resolution with them, you will see how quickly the tone changes.  Solutions start to fly, trust builds and for the most part, situations resolve themselves.  It is when things go wrong that you can truly demonstrate to a partner your true value and this will build commitment and loyalty. 

Talk Instead Of Text

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I don't know about you but I struggle to achieve this over email or text.  I can't tell if they truly understand that I am on their side.  Sometimes you need to put the time in to prove to someone you are worth working with.  Email and text can come across too many ways, too contrived. Pick up the phone instead.

So the next time a partner of any sort has an issue with you, remember this is a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to prove your commitment, trust and loyalty... But please make sure you pick up the phone.  That alone will often get people to back down. 


-Susan White Livermore

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