The Secret Is Finally Out…What Does BFRR Actually Mean?

Blog post written by Sandra Blake. QUOTES TO REMEMBER….. “The best way to solve a problem is to – define it, think about it, create a plan, act, and then evaluate the results!” Quentin D’Souza, Author and Award Winning Real Estate Investor “You have two choices; you can either move forward into growth and greatness or you […]

4 Steps To Building An Effective Real Estate Investing Team

In real estate investing, to be really successful and HAPPY at the same time you really need a great team.  Because I invest in both Barrie and Calgary, my team needs to have a willingness to learn real estate investing and work between the borders of Ontario and Alberta. Building a team takes, time, trial […]

How I Escaped The Rat Race

How I Have Grown… As I look back over the last 5 years of my Barrie and Calgary real estate investing life, I think how absolutely fortunate I am to have had the time to learn what I have learned.  Getting started with real estate investing and being able to learn real estate investing in […]