Coaching Services

What we find for most of the individuals coming our way is each of them are coming from a very different place, with different objectives and ideas as to where they wish to go with their investing.  As a result we have chosen to approach coaching from an individual perspective based on the needs of the investor.  In essence we tailor the information we share to the individual investor.  We choose to keep this as simple as possible and sometimes all that is necessary is a conversation.

Areas of expertise: 

  • Long distance investing – particularly Calgary
  • Rent to Own Programs
  • Buy Rent and Hold Suited
  • Legalization of suited Property Barrie
  • RRSP Mortgages

Fee Schedule as Follows:

  • Phone consult:  $200 per hour
  • Site visit:  $200 per hour plus travel costs
  • Simplified Analysis (one page spreadsheet): $100 per property
  • Detailed Analysis: Priced per project
  • Access to Spreadsheets:  $250 per packaged group i.e. RTO spreadsheets, Buy Rent and Hold spreadsheets
  • Supplementary Agreements (includes licensing fee):  $25 per agreement
  • On Site – walk through suited legalization process and highest/ best use Barrie:  $250 per hour per person  (When available)
  • Coming August 2015 Grandfathering Legal Suite Barrie

Legal Disclosure

All investments have some element of risk and it is impossible to foresee everything.  Investors should consult independent legal advisors with experience in real estate investment.  Liberty Property Solutions, nor any of it’s directors or partners guarantee investments with any investor or student.  All figures are projected returns on your investment.  Past performance does not guarantee any future results.  Items published by Liberty Property Solutions are based on extensive research but can only be considered an opinion.  Be sure to base your actions and investments on your own due diligence and conclusions.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us here