Our “Good FIt” Investors

Having worked in the corporate world of “9-5” with extra hours here and there, I sympathize, and am mesmerized by those families who seem to make 2 full time jobs, a household to maintain, kids to care for and active investing work.  Most of us find that there just isn’t enough time or energy and something has got to give.  That item is most often future planning.  Unless you have a real passion for it, investing is something most of us follow the herd on.  We know we need to do something and with so little time,  many of us hand our hard earned money over to the guy with the growth chart who shows us where our money will “theoretically” be at retirement.  I am embarrassed to admit it and I know I am not alone in this, while I was investing in mutual funds and stocks I rarely new where they were invested, and I certainly didn’t know who was managing the actual fund.  When I was honest with myself about their lack of performance, I had no one to blame but myself.  The sad part about herd investing (as I call it) is we sit and endure the poor performance and fee gauging because a) we don’t have the time or energy to learn what we need to learn to do a better job and b) as long as the herd is experiencing the same we have resigned ourselves to believe that that is just the way it is.  After more than 10 years investing this way I was truly no further ahead, and sick of it!!!  If I was sick of it, I know others had to be too.

These are the families we cater to.  People that want the Coles notes version of the strategy, have someone else execute it, but maintain involvement in the decision making.  They want the security of owning the asset of a physical building as oppose to a piece of paper.  They want the steadiness of the slower market of real estate as oppose to the emotional volatility of the stock market.   They appreciate that boring is better when it comes to finances. We cater to families looking for multiple incomes streams of cashflow, mortgage pay down, and appreciation but understand we are not a get rich quick solution.  They want multiple exit strategies (i.e. rent, sell, refinance, Rent to Own)  when circumstances change.  Finally they want to work with the team that is dealing directly with their property. Someone that they can get immediate answers, learn from, and guide them through their proven strategy.  Most importantly, a team that has a vested interest in their success.

In the beginning it is pretty scary setting out on a new path contrary to what most are doing.  We spend a lot of time up front ensuring our investors have a good understanding of our strategy and plan of attack.  we try to answer as many “what if” questions as possible.  I assure you, once you have jumped into a guided real estate transaction with a proven track record,  it’s hard to go back to the old way of doing things.

Finally a “good fit” for us acknowledges and respects our core values.  Great success in this industry is found by using a team, and leveraging other people’s assets be it money, time, knowledge or connections.  To build a strong team you really need trust.  Recognizing that some teams where built on stronger trust than others, we tried to define those values that strong teams lived by.  We broke it down to 5 core values and look to see that every member of our team plays by these values.  Check them out under Core Values.

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