How I Overcame Being Miserable in Real Estate Investing

The road to success is always under construction

Looking back over my real estate investing career I remember a time when I was miserable. It started in 2012 when I hit a high in my career.  I had won The Investor Forum's "Newcomer of the Year" award put on by CREW, purchased 11 properties in 18 months and started to see good cashflow from those properties. The problem was my vision of success did not match what I was experiencing.  As I gained success I felt alienated from people around me.  My success was ignored, put down as shady, easy or luck, and worst of all I was warned that the success will eventually come crashing down.  After a year when I should have been celebrating, I was seriously considering quitting.  I spent the better part of 4 months with a lot of anxiety allowing the naysayers words to sink in. In reality everything was fine.

This Is When I Sought Out Help

Desperate to lose to my fears, I started to search for a coach to refocus and energize me.  I found my coach haphazardly while I was in line for coffee at a REIN meeting. I learned of his massive accomplishments and devastating mistakes along with his openness about it all.  Instinctually I knew he was the coach for me.

My coach quickly guided me to see that my faulty purpose was the problem.  Initially I got into real estate investing as a way to contribute financially, to help those close to me build wealth and yes, feed my need for freedom, accomplishment and acknowledgement. The problem being that too much of my "why" was relying on specific others for approval, appreciation and expectation that they follow suit.    My coach got me to refocus my purpose for real estate investing with a heavy focus on helping others eager to learn and create wealth for personal success in their lives.  My why became greater than me. 

Do what you love Today I find joy in watching the wheels of potential turning during a conversation with a new investor.  It is in the thanks and appreciation of my new found investor partners.  It is the delighted eyes of my mentoring students as they get their first cashflow cheque.  It is in the release of tension from a stressed colleague as we discuss the possibilities for solving their problem.   It is the returning investor saying "What do you have for me today?"

Do What You Love...

As I let go of my own fears, I helped people that sought me out tackle theirs. My love for what I do began to grow again as did the respect and support of those I so desperately needed approval from.  Today, I no longer need to change the world.  I am happy helping those who genuinely seek my help, while quietly building wealth and security for my family and hopefully someday soon give the privilege of positively impacting many lives. Now I offer coaching services for people learning real estate investing. Helping people learn and develop their wealth has given me much happiness & fulfillment. 

Have a great day!

-Susan White Livermore

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