Core Values

Considering the greater good in all our transactions

Got to be win/win/win all around.  We are about fair play across the board.  Whether we are buying a property, hiring a trade or renting a property the price/terms need to be agreeable to everyone.  In our experience when someone  feels slighted on a transaction there tends to be an evening out process, often times the offended person looks for a way to even the score.  Alternatively, when everyone is in agreement about the terms, conditions and price there is a working together, a bond or loyalty that forms.  You just never know what opportunity that will bring.  When you set out good and fair intentions most often the same is returned.  Plus, it just feels good.  It is imperative that those we work with feel appreciated, respected and part of the team.

Living in the possibility

Seeing things not how they are today but how they could be.  It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day, the feeling of “is this all there is”.   There is a world of opportunity out there, we need only dream up.  Whether real estate investing is the dream or feeds/funds the dream, it’s the tool we use to show people how to get out of the rat race of living pay cheque to pay cheque.  If all we do is inspire people to start searching for their own freedom from the rat race or dream catching, we have served our purpose.

Learning by doing

Core Values Word Cloud ConceptAccepting that we may make some mistakes, but with mistakes comes great learning.  When you start out you don’t know what you don’t know.  You can choose to learn as much from those who have gone before you but sooner or later you gotta make your move.  In our world a mistake only occurs when you repeat an error, prior to that it is just part of the learning curve.  Determine what your worst case scenario is (within reason for you pessimists), and how you would handle it.  If you can live with that response, than get going.  Instead of asking yourself all those negative |what it’s”, consider the positive ones.  The law of practice, the more you engage in an activity, the more you learn, the less errors you make, the greater your success, BUT  you need to take the first step.

Achieving unlimited growth through collaboration

Investing is a team sport!  There isn’t enough time to learn it all.  Frankly, without using the information all the time, most of us are unlikely to retain it all.  So, doesn’t it make sense to work with those that already know what you are wanting to accomplish.  I assure you, you will achieve your goals, faster, CHEAPER, with less headaches than going it alone.  Your most important job is vetting your team.  Do they match your core values, and do they have the knowledge and experience you really need.  Once you find them determine how to create loyalty with them, it will pay big dividends.


This is by far the most challenging of our values.  We believe that everyone has something to teach, often about our selves.  The need for humility is most apparent when things are not going well.  Humility is the ability to look at the situation and determine what piece we contributed to make this situation occur.  It’s the courage to admit we have made a mistake.  It’s the strength of being compassionate with others who have made errors that impact us. It’s the fortitude to work together to resolve issues that put you further ahead  of the game, than ensuring the entity is punished.  It is when the chips are down, you have the greatest opportunity to strengthen the foundation.  It starts with humility.

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