Book Review: The 4 Hour Work Week

Review Written by Wam Properties

Book Written by Timothy Ferriss

I remember going through school hating the crap my teaches required us to read. Reading was boring. All through out school from grade school to college I never read a book cover to cover. I only did enough to get by! Believe me that strategy did not work real well.

The way you do anything is the way you will do everything! Once I started to invest in myself and formed the habit of reading; that is when things started to improve in my life. Not only reading but implementing what I learnt! By the way… formal education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune!

Want to learn how to save time, reduce stress, and make more money? I highly recommend you read a few great books…but to simplify… here is one to start with …

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

I will certainly be implementing some of these strategies in my business and my personal life for that matter!

Happy reading!

The world is waiting for you to make your dreams a reality. Go out there and make it happen!

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