Book Review: Linchpin Are You Indispensable?

51KEubrpFkLLinchpin was a book I picked up on a whim.   No one recommended it, just picked it up because I thought it looked interesting.    I remember thinking while I was reading it, why haven’t I heard about this book before.  I had been recommended to read many other of Seth Godin’s books but I do not remember Linchpin being on any list.  It was that book that I just wouldn’t shut up about.  I was recommending it to whomever would listen.  At the time that I was reading the book my views on what we are taught and teach our children to find success were in the process of fundamentally changing, this book solidified those beliefs that much more.  I spoke about this before, that for my first say 35 years of life, I was trying to fit into this perfect block of get a good education, get a good job, follow the rules, expectation and protocol to work your way up the ladder.  All was dandy but I was never really great, remarkable, or where I thought I could and should be.  I always had a belief that I could be outstanding, this book reinforced that feeling with the added benefit that following the herd, taking my turn for most of us isn’t going to get us there.

It is a book about choice.  When everyone goes right, strongly consider going left.  Stop worrying about perfection in going left, accept that being different is the easiest if not the only way to reach remarkable, to truly make a difference.    It talks about how being remarkable doesn’t mean you need to work harder, longer or faster, just different.  The hardest part of what it takes to be remarkable is to get over the fear of being different, to take a chance. 

Seth Godin describes these remarkable people as Linchpin’s or the indispensable.  They are the individuals who are solution focused.  They connect people, invent things, and are those individuals who make things happen.   They are the individuals who figure out what to do next, not waiting for instruction.   These people have vision and their key is their ability to engage and connect others to follow a new path.  In this new world where security is a thing of the past, they create their own security in making themselves indispensable.  The people that everyone else goes to, to solve a situation, or take it to new heights. 

I know it is a step away from real estate investing but key to any entrepreneurial today.  You need to become the Linchpin of your business in order to find success in this new game.  Understand that it is not about how hard you work, or how much knowledge you can acquire but your ability to have a vision, engage and connect others into your vision.

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