2 Points Of Investing Inspiration From “The One Thing”

In Real Estate Investing it is important to keep learning and examining yourself, your business choices, and lessons learned. Only through this examination can you learn to grow as a real estate investor and become more successful at what you do. Recently I have been reading a book called “THE ONE THING” by Gary Keller […]

Do’s and Don’t of Successful Real Estate Investors

By Don R. Campbell http://www.donrcampbell.com/the-11-dos-and-donts-of-successful-real-estate-investors Strategic investing is a math equation. Not just math on the property, or the region but also on the investors themselves.  The equation is really quite simple in its math formula: Action + Successes – Mistakes MUST = a positive number. Seems simple, doesn’t it. In fact, too simple. The […]

How I Escaped The Rat Race

How I Have Grown… As I look back over the last 5 years of my Barrie and Calgary real estate investing life, I think how absolutely fortunate I am to have had the time to learn what I have learned.  Getting started with real estate investing and being able to learn real estate investing in […]