How To Leverage The “Law Of Attraction” To Succeed In Investing

After many years of real estate investing in Barrie & Calgary, I have come to not believe in coincidences. I believe that life functions under the “Law Of Attraction” and when you follow the path that you are meant to follow; life has this amazing ability to bring up opportunities and experiences far beyond ones imagination.  I apply these beliefs to my choices and work in real estate investing.

Where to Start

Law of AttractionSo you might be asking, “How do you get in that zone of living in the Laws of Attraction”?  In my own experience, it has been the times when I give and expect nothing from which I am giving; this is when I receive the greatest gifts.  A simple example is, going for coffee with a new person who wants to learn how to succeed in real estate investing.  Truth be told, I go because it feels good to give back. I enjoy teaching and I like to be kept on my toes as to why I am choosing to do certain things.  There have been times when I have come home with more knowledge or new opportunities that never would have happened had I not been willing to give of my time.

Repetition Without Realization

I have also found the Law of Attraction working at times when I did not stop to acknowledge and appreciate the great things in my life which seem to come my way. Maybe it is simply because I have changed my focus that I start to notice all the great things in my life.  Maybe it is because I repeat my actions and choices and thus attract the same over again. All I have to say is, once you get started on your path in real estate investing; it is easier and easier to notice how fortunate we really are.  Maybe we are just replicating decisions that brought us good fortune, whatever the reason it is a worthwhile exercise.

Success Through Kindness

success key concept text on blackboard and adhesive hotesFinally, I have encouraged the Law of Attraction to work for me daily because I have made an effort to be kinder than necessary. In these times, almost without exception (provided I have been sincere in my kindness), greater warmth, thoughtfulness and opportunity has shown up on my doorstep.  Is this a coincidence, maybe?  Am I a person that happens to be really lucky, possibly?   However, to me it makes logical sense that when you give, people want to give back.  I think we all have a need to be useful, to contribute, and to be appreciated.  It is those people that demonstrate first their need to contribute that inspire and encourage others to do the same.

I like to believe that I have some sense of control on how my life is going; that I am directing life not allowing it to direct me.  These simple philosophies are the start of how I believe I make things happen for myself and others in the real estate investing market!

Good Luck! - Susan White Livermore

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