Book Review: The RRSP Secret

Getting into real estate investing can be a very hard thing to do for many people.   I have seen new investors take upwards of 5 years of research before entering the market, or worse give up all together without ever making a move.  I understand the fear, and feel lucky that the first time I […]

Book Review – “Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle”

Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle: An Investor’s Guide, written by Don R. Campbell, Kieran Trass and Greg Head can be found here.   This is a book that every Canadian real estate investor NEEDS in their library.   You can make money with almost any real estate product, IF you understand and are diligent with […]

The Secret Is Finally Out…What Does BFRR Actually Mean?

Blog post written by Sandra Blake. QUOTES TO REMEMBER….. “The best way to solve a problem is to – define it, think about it, create a plan, act, and then evaluate the results!” Quentin D’Souza, Author and Award Winning Real Estate Investor “You have two choices; you can either move forward into growth and greatness or you […]

2 Points Of Investing Inspiration From “The One Thing”

In Real Estate Investing it is important to keep learning and examining yourself, your business choices, and lessons learned. Only through this examination can you learn to grow as a real estate investor and become more successful at what you do. Recently I have been reading a book called “THE ONE THING” by Gary Keller […]

4 Steps To Building An Effective Real Estate Investing Team

In real estate investing, to be really successful and HAPPY at the same time you really need a great team.  Because I invest in both Barrie and Calgary, my team needs to have a willingness to learn real estate investing and work between the borders of Ontario and Alberta. Building a team takes, time, trial […]

Do’s and Don’t of Successful Real Estate Investors

By Don R. Campbell Strategic investing is a math equation. Not just math on the property, or the region but also on the investors themselves.  The equation is really quite simple in its math formula: Action + Successes – Mistakes MUST = a positive number. Seems simple, doesn’t it. In fact, too simple. The […]

What Buying My 22nd Property Taught Me?

In Calgary A little while back I went to Calgary, Alberta and purchased my 22nd property over my real estate investing lifetime.  Before I went I had visions of purchasing two properties for my real estate investment portfolio in Calgary, but when I got there the list I had intended to see dwindled down to […]